connectBlue Solves Seamless Roaming with Standard Access Points

In the typical situation, a client remains the wireless connection with an access point until the radio signal gets too weak that the client has to initialize the scan for a new access point that can offer a better radio signal. This handover phase can take anything from 100 milliseconds to several seconds before the communication is up and running again.

connectBlue Solution

By using two or more of the connectBlue clients on each cooperating device in motion, the seamless handover is made possible. Seamless roaming and redundancy is integrated as a standard feature in the latest release of the connectBlue Wireless LAN Ethernet Port Adapter

The rugged Ethernet Port Adapters from connectBlue are well suited for industrial applications where the Ethernet cable needs to be replaced with a robust wireless connection. Thanks to its ease of use and cost efficient installation and configuration, the product lowers the installation costs in demanding applications.


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