Connectors for High Pressure Filling Applications

Refrigeration Quick Disconnect (RQD) connectors reliably connect to refrigerant lines for charging or evacuating cooling appliances and applications under high pressure. They are rated up to 750 psi. They are available in 1/4-in. and 3/8-in. male PCU, Hansen or similar style tips. These connectors work with components that must handle the higher pressures called for by recent efficiency and environmental standards. The connectors use a unique lever action requiring minimal physical effort and adding the mechanical advantage of the lever design to open the valve. The simple, two-step connection process reduces worker fatigue and increases manufacturing productivity. The RQD features a locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnect under pressure. Upon disconnect, the RQD vents residual pressure with minimal media loss—meeting even the most stringent state environmental regulations.

RQD Connectors


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