Control Over Wireless Devices

Smartphones and other wireless devices are everywhere — from the consumer marketplace to today’s enterprises. Their advent in the corporate environment has led to time savings, improved communication, and better business practices, but the cost of procuring and supporting them is high.

“Enterprise mobile departments are becoming overwhelmed with the task of managing large fleets of mobile devices. They are looking to both outside providers and automated tools to help them manage the complexity and reduce the costs of mobilizing employees, applications, and business processes,” said Jan Dawson, VP of Ovum’s US Enterprise Practice.

Maestro, from Movero Technology, Inc., is a platform that gives IT professionals control and management of corporate SmartPhones and other mobile devices. It includes a range of features from centralized approval process that simplifies procurement, saves time and prevents error; an efficient and secure carrier management, with device and plan selections based on business unit policies and carrier contracts; and self-service, carrier-integrated tools for move, add, change, and replacement, which reduce day-to-day IT support burdens.

Movero Technology, Inc.

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