Custom crimping equipment from O+P ensures safety, precision

OP_InsertSpeciale_1 custom crimpingO+P, Brescia, Italy, recently delivered special custom crimping equipment for the OEM crimping center of a major pipes and fittings manufacturer. The center is the Italian branch of an international group operating in various sectors including the industrial, automotive and aerospace sectors. The company requested O+P to provide a machine capable of combining the best operating performance with a tailor-made safety system.

O+P supplied the OEM with one of its Insert 02/P—pneumatic-supply equipment that allows perfect pre-assembly of straight or curved fittings on flexible hoses (up to 2-in. diameter) before crimping. This operation requires high precision to avoid unsuitable positioning of the fitting inside the hose.

The level of customization required for this type of product required the introduction of a special protection device for the safety of the operator, capable of preventing the machine from operating when the door is opened.

O+P’s supply of Insert 02/P also came with training sessions for the customers’ operators. This training provides the user any and all information and knowledge required to use the custom crimping machine efficiently and under utmost safety conditions.


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