Design for Manufacturability: DDM Changes the Rules

man pulling objects out of fortus 3d printerDid you know that direct digital manufacturing (DDM) can free you from the restraints of conventional manufacturing? By doing so, it allows you to expand your creativity, fine tune your ideas, chop weeks from your product development process and help your company save money.

In this 20 minute webinar, we’ll show you how DDM can create plastic parts, layer-by-layer – without machining, molding or casting.

What you will learn:

 – Designing for DDM expands your creativity
– You can remove tooling costs and delays and continuously improve product designs – even after parts are in production
– To stop laboring over parting lines, draft angles, sink marks and ejector marks
– DDM can help you design higher quality products, create more custom products inexpensively and get them to market faster
– To evaluate additive manufacturing systems (and find out if your current prototyping equipment is suitable for end-use part production)


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