Disc couplings with integrated coolant tube for spindle drives

R+W LP-with-integrated-coolant-tubeR+W has recently expanded its LP product line with a new disc pack coupling model. In addition to the wide range of standard designs, R+W can now supply a version with an integrated coolant tube. This offers many advantages to manufacturers of machine tools with long spindle drives.

This specially designed double disc spindle coupling can transport coolant directly to the cutting head over long distances using an integrated inner pipe, vertical support, and special adaptation interfaces on each end. Since these couplings are often used in highly dynamic and high speed applications, lightweight carbon fiber (CFRP) or aluminum spacer tubes are typically used. Symmetric conical clamping hubs along with fine balancing help guarantee smooth operation at high speeds. The torsionally rigid disc packs compensate for misalignment between the connected shafts.


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