Easier Access to Smaller Quantities of Semiconductor Chips


When you’re prototyping a design for a new consumer product, or a medical product, it would be nice if you could purchase a minimum number of semiconductor devices rather then purchase the usual hundred-plus quantity. Texas Instruments offers a program that lets you obtain small quantities of semiconductor devices for your prototyping needs through its distribution network. The bare die program lets you order as few as 10 pieces and larger quantities of full waffle trays for production purposes.

Bare Die Program

In these bare die options, you can integrate multiple functions into smaller areas, implementing multi-chip modules (MCM) or systems-in-package (SiPs). Moving to more integrated packaging solutions saves weight and power dissipation, while improving overall system-level reliability in space-constrained applications.

Bare die options are currently available for specific devices in TI’s Analog, Power Management, DSP, and MCU portfolios. Further releases will be evaluated and requested through TI’s HiRel product group. Bare die target applications include consumer smart cards, mobile RFID readers, medical, industrial, security and high-reliability.

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