Eaton’s new EPPV proportional pressure reducing pilot valve

Eaton-eppv-valve-main-imagePower management company Eaton today announced the new EPPV5 and EPPV6, a family of proportional pressure reducing pilot valves with excellent reliability and hysteresis performance. The latest addition to Eaton’s wide range of screw-in cartridge valve (SiCV) products, the EPPV family enables optimum machine performance in a compact, integrated package ideal for clutch and gear control manifolds and other mobile off-road applications.

“The small package and excellent performance of the EPPV family of valves provide manifold designers tremendous flexibility in creating manifold solutions,” said Todd McIntyre, product manager, global planning and strategy, Eaton’s Hydraulics Group. “By expanding the breadth of our already vast SiCV product line, we are making it easier for OEMs to solve hydraulic challenges by providing a single source for reliable cartridge valves.”

The EPPV5 valves are available in a variety of control pressures and voltage ratings, and come with integrated Deutsch connectors. The EPPV6 valves offer a similar range of control pressures and voltages, as well as the added functionality of a manual override.



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