Engineered plastic bushings pass FAA compliance requirements

GGB-plastic-bushings-airplanesIn accordance with FAA requirements, GGB EP 43 and EP 63 self-lubricating engineered plastics bushings passed a variety of flammability and toxicity tests for interior aircraft certification.

The tests demonstrated that the EP 43 and EP 63 engineered plastic material complies with Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) 25.853 and 25.855, making them suitable for interior aircraft applications such as seats, hinges, latches and passenger bins.

To achieve the necessary compliance assessment, testing was administered and certified by three independent organizations: CREPIM, Cofrac and Nadcap (the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program). Technical experts from each organization performed conformity assessments designed by the FAA for cabin and cargo compartment materials, including resistance to flame when tested to a 60- and 12-second vertical Bunsen burner test.

GGB’s EP series of polymer bushings provide wear resistance and low friction in both dry and lubricated operating conditions over a wide range of applications. Consisting of nine different materials, the EP series of engineered plastic materials is made of a variety of resins compounded with reinforcing fibers and solid lubricant. They exhibit excellent dimensional stability, low coefficients of friction, high compressive strength and creep resistance, low thermal expansion and good thermal conductivity.


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