Expanded Capping Solutions Brochure from Warner Electric


Warner Electric has published a new brochure on its expanded line of magnetic capping solutions for the bottling industry.

From capping carbonated soft drinks and bottled water to ketchup, salad dressings, personal care products and motor oil, reliable Warner Electric capping headsets, chucks and anti-rotation knives have successfully improved the overall performance of capping operations around the world.

The new brochure showcases Warner Electric magnetic headsets featuring Smooth Torque Technology that provides the most consistent torque control on the market. This technology eliminates over tightened caps, causing a major reduction in variation of removal torque.

Engineered cap chuck solutions are also offered including fixed, quick connect, and mechanical chucks. With one of the top performing PTOC chucks for the CSD industry, Warner Electric has become the preferred supplier for low profile cap applications. Warner is also recognized as the industry leader in providing 1881 style and Savalas low profile cap chucks.


Information is also provided for stainless steel anti-rotation knives which improve operating life and increase efficiency. Other brochure content includes product design features, and rebuild and exchange program information.

The brochure also features recently introduced capping packages designed specifically for dairy applications. These products are 100% interchangeable with the OEM capping machinery found in dairy plants today.

Warner Electric

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