First low-temperature FKM available for food and beverage industry

freudenberg-nok-food-gradeFreudenberg-NOK Sealing Technologies will showcase a trio of globally-certified sealing materials, including a new low temperature FKM that is being readied for use in the European food and beverage industry, at the 2016 International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association (IBDEA) conference. The new material, 70 FKM 425727, will be the first low-temperature FKM that complies with both EC 1935/2004 and FDA food and beverage regulations.

70 FKM 425727 has been formulated from an existing FDA-compliant, highly successful low temperature FKM in use in the United States. That material has now been reformulated for use in European food and beverage applications and it is in the final stages of certification.

70 FKM 425727 demonstrates improved low temperature flexibility over conventional FKM materials as temperatures approach 0˚ C (32˚ F) and lower. The material is highly resistant to low and high ratio syrups, treated municipal water and cleaning solutions and is particularly well suited for use in dynamic seal applications due to its high wear resistance.

Freudenberg-NOK will also showcase two other premier globally certified food and beverage industry materials, Fluoroprene XP and 70 EPDM 291.

Fluoroprene XP is a family of highly fluorinated premium universal materials approved for use in Europe and the United States that can be used by the food and beverage industry in the most demanding sealing situations. Freudenberg-NOK’s Fluoroprene XP portfolio consists of five materials that are available in two hardness grades. The appropriate compound is chosen based on the area of application and the need to bond to metal or fabric.

Fluoroprene XP combines the positive attributes of EPDM, VMQ and FKM while offering universal media resistance in all critical areas of the food and beverage industry. The material is stable in a wide range of temperatures and demonstrates low capacity to absorb and transfer flavors from product media.

The company’s 70 EPDM 291, in particular, is impressive for its mechanical properties, which change comparatively little after contact with cleaning agents. The material demonstrates very good stability in acids, bases, polar solvents and CIP/SIP media. It is stable in water and steam to 180 °C (356 °F) and has very good resistance to aging, ozone and light. Like Fluoroprene XP, 70 EPDM 291 complies with European and American food and beverage specifications.



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