Frantz GenStar ELIMINATOR 4007 Bearing for Axle-Free Conveyor Rollers

Frantz Manufacturing Company ( has unveiled the GenStar ELIMINATOR with IronGrip Adapter, which is a 1.9-inch ABEC-1 precision bearing assembly for axle-free conveyor rollers.

Instead of the usual 2.5 rollers, the bearing assembly employed 1.9” rollers while eliminating the need for thru axle. The ELIMINATOR’s IronGrip Adapter is specifically designed to provide flexibility to the tube’s various crimping pressures. During the crimpling process, the IronGrip Adapter isolates the single ABEC-1 precision core bearing.

Allowing for the use of an ABEC-1 precision core bearing, the IronGrip Adapter effectively eliminates axle deflection as the decisive factor in total roller load carrying capacity.

Meanwhile, the single ABEC-1 core precision bearing offers a roller capacity of 270 lbs, which delivers spanning roller lengths through 40′′ and strong continued performance through 72′′. The bore contains a direct injection molded bushing that is made of nylon static discharge material. Packed with Chevron SRI grease, the dual sealed ABEC-1 precision bearing offers a temperature range of -20° F to 350°F. Its carbon steel stub shaft has been spring loaded in the assembly with the spring retained by an ultra sonic welded cap.

Frantz GenStar ELIMINATOR 4007 Bearing

The ELIMINATOR does not only reduce costs, it also reduces material, weight, noise, energy requirements and waste stream. With the hex axles eliminated, steel usage and inbound freight are also significantly reduced. Its rollers are 28 percent lighter, leading to lower fuel usage during outbound delivery.

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