Get advance information on the cost of 3D printing your part

You have several choices when building a 3D printed part. If you choose an in-house approach, you can purchase either a desktop 3D printer or a 3D printing machine and print the part yourself. Or you can outsource the part, virtually uploading the .STL file to a service provider.

When you outsource a part, you often get a quote on the costs prior to the actual build. Wouldn’t it be nice to know, before you receive that quote, what the costs might be; a least a cost range?

There is a website that can help you with that information: www.ManufactureThis.Build.

This website will answer a number of questions for you. For example,

–How much should it cost to manufacture this anywhere in the world?

–What could the cost be if you produce the part on a specific machine?

–How fast does the printer need to be to produce a specific part quantity at a price the market can handle?

And more.

With his team of engineers, Bamidele Ali, President and Principal engineer at Ali Technologies Inc., has done the costing legwork for you. They have developed a proprietary algorithm that incorporates the aspects of manufacturing 3D printed parts. As Ali phrases it, “We are the Kelley Blue Book of Manufacturing.”

www.ManufactureThis.Build offers three options. A Simple Quote has you enter the basic dimensions of the object to be printed, approximate weight of the object, the basic material, and so on.

The more Advanced Quote section has you enter a bit more information, such as choosing a specific machine by name. You also have a wider array of materials to choose from. You can also upload the .STL file and the algorithm will deliver a cost estimate based on the file dimensions.

The Custom Quote section lets you enter actual production specifications, manufacturing labor rates, and more for the most accurate quote of all the options.

The information database is independent and unbiased. “There have been no OEMs nor 3DP manufacturers nor customers financially vested in the development of our algorithm,” says Ali.

So when you’re ready to negotiate price on an additive project, now you can have better cost information.

Leslie Langnau



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