Get in the driver’s seat with ultrasonic welding

Herrmann Ultrasonics, Inc., Bartlett, IL, to host Automotive Technology Day Oct 12th with latest innovations on automotive bonding applications


When it comes to joining automotive plastic parts, visual appearance, geometry, function and material properties have become increasingly demanding. Ultrasonic welding is an assembly method with short cycle times, ensuring a large degree of process control and repeatable quality results.

Nine top-quality workshops tailored to beginner and expert levels will dispense knowledge on all aspects of ultrasonic welding technology.

Witness the ease of integrating ultrasonic welding components on robots (end of arm solutions) in Workshop 7: Collaborative ultrasonics. In this joint workshop, presented by ATI Industrial Automation and Herrmann Ultrasonics common and core automotive applications will be demonstrated with a live robotic arm fit with multiple ultrasonic welding processes. Co-presenter Paul Cummings, Sales Engineer Herrmann Ultrasonics, says the collaboration with ATI displays the advantages robotics yields when applications demand multiple weld types and sizes.

Dr. Marshall Schaeffer, Application Engineer PLASTICS will be lending his expertise to two seminars: Workshop 3: Compression staking and Workshop 5: Weld Quality. In Workshop 3, Dr. Schaeffer will reinvent an existing application – compression staking. He will be demonstrating a revolutionary approach resulting in a faster process with stronger and cosmetically appeasing staking posts. While weld quality will be examined under an IR Technology lens in Workshop 5, making ultrasonic welding visible to the eye and leading to impressive findings and evaluation.

Workshop 02: Fascia punching and bracket welding will showcase the latest in ultrasonic welding technology and demonstrate ultrasonic tooling on A surface material in combination with automation. Presenting this workshop will be Ultrasonic Engineering Manager PLASTICS, Chuck Hannah, with more than 10 years of ultrasonic experience.

Win a thermal camera
All attendees to the AUTOMOTIVE Technology Day on October 12, 2017, will be automatically entered for the chance to win a new CompactPRO thermal camera for iPhone or Android phones.

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