Guide Master from Samick Precision Industry: The masterpiece of precision guides

Guide MasterGuide Master was developed to meet market demands for precision applications such as semiconductor, LCD, LED, and secondary battery production processes.

The masterpiece of precision guides

Features of Guide Master linear guide include:

Higher load capacity: With 8 rows of needle bearings in its octagonal design, Guide Master has more points of contact between post and sleeve than the traditional 4-sided styles. The greater surface area gives it higher load capacity.

Superior accuracy: The precision fit and typical 4-6 μm preload between post and sleeve provide smooth motion and superior accuracy, cycle after cycle.

Increased speed: In comparison to ball-type guide posts, Guide Master leads the race. The finely adjusted preload and octagonal shape minimize impact loading and vibration during operation. An incredibly fine surface finish of Ra 0.1 μm makes rapid motion effortless, with minimal friction and no slipping.

Longer life: Guide Master is designed to protect the needle bearings and provide continuous lubrication. It is also resistant to torques, shocks, thrusts, and vibrations, as well as pitching and yawing motions. Guide Master easily outlasts ball guide posts, with 10 times longer life.

Guide Master

World-class customer support

Samick provides assistance to help customers integrate Guide Master into their machines and processes, with:

Customized designs: Samick offers customized Guide Master products for applications that were designed around standard linear bushings or where dimensional differences may be problematic.

Application knowledge: With nearly 10 years of experience supplying Guide Master bearings for a wide range of industries, Samick can suggest the optimal way to apply Guide Master for each individual application.

High quality and value: Guide Master’s patented needle bearing design provides 10 times more contact area around the guide post than traditional ball bearings. And the special polygon arrangement of the needles around the post make it highly rigid and accurate.

Some customers have experienced production increases of up to 2000 strokes per minute with high accuracy. Guide Master technology is ideal for precision stamping of thin film at high speeds. Customers report the technology’s greatest benefit is its ability to lower die rebuilding cost. Cycles for regrinding dies have been reported to increase from 1,500,000 shots to more than 2,500,000 shots.

Samick is the largest manufacturer of linear motion components in Korea. Samick’s linear bushing product line was selected as the 2006 “World-class product of Korea.”

SAMICK Precision Industry

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