High-Speed Counter Input and Pulse Output Modules added to Productivity3000 Line


AutomationDirect’s Productivity3000 programmable automation controller line includes three modules.

The P3-HSO high-speed output module ($349) supports Pulse/Direction, Up/Down and Quadrature pulse outputs on each of two independent output channels. It has both line driver and open drain outputs and features six general purpose high-speed inputs and four general purpose outputs. The module is fitted with six fault status LEDs, six input LEDs, and eight output status LEDs. Simple move, velocity move, and additional high-level instructions make it easy to implement application motion profiles.

Productivity3000 HSO/HIS

The P3-HSI high-speed input module ($329) has both differential and single ended inputs. This module accepts Pulse/Direction and Quadrature signals on each of the two independent input channels. Equipped with four fault status LEDs, eight input LEDs, and four output status LEDs, it also provides four general purpose high-speed inputs and four general purpose 5-24 VDC 0.5 amp outputs.

The P3-16TD3P DC output module ($151) is a sinking/sourcing protected output module which provides 16 12-24 VDC sinking or sourcing outputs with four internally connected commons. LED indicators signify missing external 24 VDC, open load, over temperature, and over load current conditions.

Modules are UL and CE approved and backed with a two-year warranty.


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