High speed data transmission in harsh environments

The Max M12 product line includes board level connectors that mate to a PCB board with straight or right angle solder pins. The connectors transmit data in environments where there is high vibration, moisture, salt, dirt and debris. Applications include camera and communication systems on construction, mining and agricultural equipment. It can also be used in rail and mass transit communication systems and for ruggedized factory automation.

Enhanced Connectors from Amphenol Mate to PCB with Straight or Right Angle Solder Pins

The field installable and repairable Max M12 offers discrete connections that seal in harsh environments without requiring overmolds.  The connectors are based on IEC 61076-2-101 and SAE J2839. They are backward compatible and can be mated with any standard M12 connector with the same indexing.

The Max M12 is rated to 4 A, and can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -55°C to 125°C.   All versions of this connector are IP67 or above, making them dust- and waterproof, resistant to high-pressure wash downs and water immersion.  They are designed to endure a salt spray test for up to 240 hours.

This enhanced Max M12 PCB header mates to an in-line that can withstand connector-to-cable retention forces of 444 N and contact retention forces to 110 N. The in-line mate is housed in an HDM 12 EX impact resistant metal or plastic shell and both are available as 90° right angle or straight versions. The metal version is required for shielding. Both the 4- and 5-pin configurations are available with A, B, D and P polarity codes.  Additional pin counts and codes are available upon request.

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