High-Speed Optical Isolators from AutomationDirect

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AutomationDirect now offers high-speed optical isolators providing the versatility to solve various interface problems between an incremental encoder signal and a PLC, servo drive, or other input devices.

Ideal for use with single-ended or differential line driver encoder signals, the modules feature three complementary inputs rated for 4.5-7.5 and 12-26 VDC and frequency response up to 1 MHz.

The FC-ISO-C high-speed optical isolator module is designed with three complementary open collector outputs rated for 5-36 VDC that can be used in single-ended configurations. Optical isolation rated at 1800V separates the input signals from the outputs. This module can convert a differential line driver encoder signal to an open collector single-ended signal, or change encoder signal voltage to match receiving electronics input.


The FC-ISO-D high-speed optical isolator module is ideal for use with encoders and servo drive encoder signal inputs and outputs. The module features three differential line driver outputs rated for 5VDC, with 1800V optical isolation. The FC-ISO-D module converts single-ended encoder signals to differential line driver signals, or differential line driver encoder signals to single-ended signals. The module can also change encoder signal voltage to match receiving electronics input.

Both modules are designed with a slim-line plastic housing which includes an integral 35mm DIN rail mounting adapter, LED indication, and removable screw terminal blocks for easy installation and wiring. The modules, priced at $89, are UL508 listed and CE marked and are backed with a one-year warranty.