Hoffmann + Krippner provides custom, pressure-resistant sensors for hydraulic valves

In cooperation with the German manufacturer INELTA, Hoffmann + Krippner now offers a family of robust and customer-specific hydraulic valve position sensing solutions used in a wide range of industries such as oil & gas, power generation or wherever a precise valve position in hydraulic applications is required.

Hoffman + Krippner

The LVDT sensors are fitted into existing hydraulic valve assemblies, and by using electromagnetic coupling, measure the core placement inside valve. They can also be used as continuous position sensors. For continuous sensing applications, the sensors can be mounted to the hydraulic valve in the end position behind the magnet or in an intermediate position in between the magnet and the valve block. The LVDT sensors can be also be coupled to the valve anchor with a non-magnetic core extension.

Depending on the version, the sensors can detect a measurement range of ± 1.2 mm to ± 20 mm. They are available with either current or voltage output (4 to 20 mA / 0 to 10 VDC).

The sensor itself is pressure-sealed. The protection level of the housing enclosure is IP65 (optionally higher). All components that come in contact with hydraulic fluid are pressure-resistant up to 400 bar (5,800psi) and withstand pressure peaks up to 1,200 bar (17,400psi). The sensors are suitable for a standard temperature range of -25 to +85° C (-13°F to 185°F) and an extended temperature range of -45 to + 125° C (-49°F to 257°F).

The INELTA LVDT sensor is design for hydraulic applications, but the technology is adaptable to other applications within the pump industry.

A wide range of input systems, precision potentiometers, filling level sensors, LVDT, Ultrasonic and load cell sensors can be found at http://www.hoffmann-krippner.com.

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