How 3D Printers Help Black & Decker get Products to Market Faster

In this webinar, Christopher Barretta from the Stanley Black & Decker Industrial Design team discusses how the Objet Geometries PolyJet Matrix™ machines have improved the prototyping and evaluation process for the next generation of products coming to market. Through the use of 3D printing technology, the prototyping team delivers conceptual models faster, getting ideas in the hands of the designers for evaluation sooner.

You will learn:
• A general overview of the Stanley Black & Decker design and prototyping process.
• How the Objet Geometries 3D printing technology improved our prototyping and production of ID conceptual models.
• How this technology helped save manpower, time, and money while on our design evaluation process.

The capabilities of 3D printing systems present infinite possibilities to the field industrial design prototyping. Possessing the ability to design/model a part in the morning when you get to your desk and then hand it off to a prototype specialist in the afternoon to be printed is proving to be invaluable. Rapid prototyping technologies are forever changing the prototyping profession, and are a key part of delivering better products to consumers faster.

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