Igubal pillow block bearings on pest control drone

PM3617-1The FitoStinger drone was developed for pest control by the TSA Center in Spain. The drone is equipped with an extendable arm, which is used to accurately spray pesticides. To treat only affected areas accurately, the drone must be both durable and lightweight. The linear guide from igus that is used in the drone consists of an extremely light carbon rail, on which a solid plastic carriage travels. The material has the required strength and is extremely light at the same time. This causes less drive force needed to control the drone, which is extremely maneuverable in the air. The fault-free function of the drone also requires that the guided cables and hoses refrain from getting entangled in other components during tilting, turning or rotational movements. This is made possible by the use of a series E2 micro energy chain, as well as igubal pillow block bearings.

Drone technology benefits from the use of motion plastics

In addition to the FitoStinger drone for pest control, igus plastic plain bearings are also used in drones for aerial photography, damage documentation and the delivery of goods. The advantages gained by replacing metal bearings are evident: they are ideal for the most diverse movements of the drones, are durable for outdoor use, are lightweight, self-lubricating and maintenance-free.


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