Industrial IoT Acceleration Plans from GE Digital: “Maximize the return on your IIoT investments—accelerate your path to ROI”

Bruce Jenkins, Ora Research

“Digital industrial transformation requires more than just installing new software—it requires the adoption and utilization of new tools and solutions across your enterprise,” says GE Digital, developer of the Industrial IoT platform Predix. “Built by industry for industry,” says GE, “Predix is the Industrial Internet platform that connects your organization’s physical and digital worlds.” For background, see our ANSYS, GE partner to bring simulation to the Industrial IoT.

A new series of “Acceleration Plans” from GE Digital were developed specifically to address this need and drive outcome attainment. “These plans offer a comprehensive set of service capabilities to help you maximize value from your software investments and capitalize on your digital industrial transformation,” the company says. “Acceleration Plans address critical product support, end-user training and education, data health, and overall organizational adoption needs.”

Make your business outcomes a reality

With 125 years of experience building industrial solutions at scale, more than a billion dollars committed to innovative software and analytic development, and its own transformation experience, GE calls its domain experts “uniquely qualified to make your digital industrial transformation a success.”

To deliver outcomes for the industrial world, companies need to rapidly get value from their technology investments. “That’s why product support, training, end-user adoption and outcome realization planning play a critical role,” GE notes.

Acceleration Plans from GE Digital “make business outcomes a reality” by combining:

  • Named technical and success managers that deliver rapid
  • Extensive education offerings available online
  • Structured adoption readiness and outcome plans capability
  • Data and analytic health monitoring to improve KPI

Accelerate return on software investment

Only 15% of software installations are deemed very successful, according to GE. “Our experience shows that this is largely due to the lack of effort and expertise spent on both outcome realization and user adoption.” With customer success as a priority, GE Digital has created Acceleration Plans that it says “include the capabilities needed to accelerate ROI of your software investment.”

Acceleration Plans: Capabilities

Technical support services

“You can rely on the expertise of our technical support staff, who have an average tenure of 10 years and a 93% overall satisfaction rating,” GE says. For Enterprise customers, it provides a named support professional “who knows your business and is committed to quickly solving your issues.”

Adoption services

Only 15% of software installations are deemed “very successful,” GE says, “because adoption isn’t taken into consideration. Our team will help you gain a better understanding of your organization’s ability to adopt our software with our readiness assessment. To help you drive value quickly, our success managers build outcome realization plans and provide governance during execution.”

Education services

“With 24X7 online access to getting started, how-to, and advanced best practices training, your team will be able to progress through solution onboarding and gain technical proficiency quickly, taking their performance to a higher level.”

Managed services

  • Data quality monitoring
  • Connectivity monitoring
  • Adoption planning and realization

“Move from reactive to proactive operations and maintenance by leveraging our Managed Services, which continuously monitor your data connectivity and data feed quality,” says GE Digital. “Our team can help anticipate issues before they occur and provide regular sensor health reports on your data infrastructure to help you play offense and minimize unplanned downtime.”


  • Maximize value of software investment from GE Digital immediately with its bundled
  • Minimize potential equipment downtime with our 30-minute rapid response to technical
  • Accelerate time-to-value from software investments with GE Digital adoption services
  • Ensure teams are utilizing software best practices and all solution features with access to GE Digital on-demand training modules
  • Make better, faster business decisions based on quality data with GE Digital’s continuous monitoring of data connectivity, data feed quality, and sensor

Choice of three Plans


Value-based plan that provides support with one-business-day response times and access to GE Digital’s latest software updates and releases—“ideal for small firms with non-critical applications.”

  • Support—Response time one business day; 24/7 online support requests; latest product releases and upgrades; latest service packs, hotfixes and maintenance upgrades.
  • Training—Online 24/7 getting-started education.


Complete solution that covers all production and operational needs by providing a 30 minute rapid-response for critical issues. This plan also partners you with a member from our Adoption Services team to help you accelerate your time-to-value. Includes all benefits of the Standard Acceleration Plans.

  • Support—30-minute rapid-response time for Severity 1 issues, 24/7 toll-free emergency access, software test environment keys.
  • Training—Online 24/7 Intermediate Education Series.
  • Adoption—Account health management


Comprehensive plan inclusive of partnerships with adoption, support, and education services. This plan is ideal for enterprise firms with operations across multiple sites that allow zero production downtime. Includes all benefits of the Premier Acceleration Plans.

  • Support—Technical Account Manager.
  • Training—Online 24/7 advanced education series.
  • Adoption—Named success manager, enterprise account health management, adoption planning and realization, outcome planning and realization.

Acceleration Plans in action

How Gerdau, the largest producer of long steel in the Americas, saved $4.5 million and achieved an ROI in eight months with GE Digital Acceleration Plans

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