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The next step toward IIoT is PC-based control.
In the movement toward Industrie 4.0, PC-based control technology from Beckhoff Automation provides the ideal toolbox to implement the leading automation concepts of our time. These concepts include IIoT, cloudconnected systems, centralized PC-based control systems, and ever-more connected devices via industrial Ethernet and OPC UA. Many users are already integrating Beckhoff controllers into advanced production networks, enabling them to communicate with databases, perform remote maintenance over the Internet, or request cloud-based services.

TwinCAT, the PC-based control software from Beckhoff, also permits the secure integration of a wide range of connected devices into the control system such as: smartphones, tablets and wearable technologies in the form of smartwatches and augmented reality glasses. Open industrial Ethernet technology in the form of EtherCAT and “vendor neutral” solutions via OPC UA are available from Beckhoff to ensure data security without restricting connectivity. By adding new networking breakthroughs such as EtherCAT P, which combines power and data lines into one 4-wire Ethernet cable, leading manufacturers and machine builders can make great strides toward establishing meaningful Smart Factory practices while ensuring lean automation designs and streamlined system architectures.

While supporting all IEC 61131-3 programming languages, a wide range of available computer science/IT programming tools, as well as other globally-recognized standards for programming, networking and cloud connectivity, Beckhoff advances open and leading-edge automation solutions that deliver high performance and efficiency. This includes numerous Industrial PC and motion control solutions that are ideal for different industries including packaging, plastics processing, metalworking, machine tools/CNC and more. Durable EtherCAT I/O solutions for harsh environments range from IP 65 to IP 69K protection to withstand the demands of the plant floor.

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