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BEI Sensors is a leading manufacturer of reliable position sensors for harsh environments, including encoders, potentiometers and Hall effect sensors. As a part of Sensata Technologies, with facilities across the globe including manufacturing in North America and Europe, BEI provides the highest quality products and customer service worldwide. It is BEI’s goal to produce the finest position sensing products that not only perform reliably in the harshest environments, but that adapt and change with the advance of technology.

Harsh industrial applications regularly expose critical equipment to mechanical stress, temperature extremes, moisture, dirt, vibration and caustic materials. BEI Sensors understands the need to have reliable, high performing encoders and sensors no matter how severe the environment, and offers a wide array of products to meet these challenges.

Open up the Possibilities with Rugged and Compact Encoders
BEI Sensors’ new LP Series line of heavy-duty rotary encoders provides reliable and precise motion control feedback in a compact, low profile encoder package for harsh applications. Using an innovative sensing technology that allows for accurate position and speed sensing, this product family is built tough to withstand extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, wet and dirty environments. To fit a variety of system needs, three distinct versions are available with either an incremental or absolute single turn output; a compact version with cable or connector terminations, a terminal box option and an explosion proof model. These three versions provide a rugged and reliable motion control solution for a wide range of harsh applications in the material handling, metal process, wind turbine, off highway vehicle, elevator, agriculture, oil and gas, and building automation industries.

Well-Sealed Hall Effect Sensors do the Dirty Work
With harsh applications in mind, BEI Sensors utilizes magnetic Hall effect technology to develop its rugged position sensor line. The Model 9970 includes a 1.5 Series AMP Superseal connector that comes standard. The well-sealed, IP67 and IP69K package uses Hall non-contacting technology to make this sensor exceptionally rugged and wellsuited for applications in harsh environments. With an operating life of up to 35 million cycles and a temperature rating from -40° to 125°C, the 9970 has been designed to perform in tough conditions typical of off highway vehicles. This heavy-duty design allows for precise motion control feedback in a variety of wash-down and dirty and dusty applications.

Potentiometers That Are Ready to Take the Heat (and Pressure)
When it comes to extreme shock or high temperatures, common conditions in downhole drilling applications, BEI Sensors’ line of linear potentiometers are built to meet these demanding requirements. The tough environmental conditions deep in a well require sensors to not only operate in temperatures of up to 200°C, and pressures up to 30,000 psi but high shock and vibration as well. They must reliably and accurately provide position feedback information day after day in increasingly tough environments. A failure in the sensor would require the removal of the tool, which can take up to a day and cost potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime, making sensor reliability and service life critical to the tools’ operation. BEI Sensors’ linear position sensors are designed to take the heat relying on strong proprietary conductive plastic resistive inks that are tough enough to withstand operating temperatures from -40° to +200°C, high linear velocities exceeding 2000mm/second and aggregate mechanical travel exceeding one million meters.

BEI Sensors specializes in speed and position sensors for extreme applications. With an extensive product offering including optical and magnetic encoders, Hall effect sensors, and potentiometers, BEI Sensors offers standard configurations to completely customized solutions. Through uncompromising quality, performance, and reliability, BEI Sensors upholds a standard of excellence in its products, customer service experience, and commitment to being a global leader in sensor technology. BEI Sensors is now a part of Sensata Technologies.

Through hard work and innovative thinking, BEI Sensors’ engineers have led the way in developing products that provide rugged and reliable position sensing solutions in the motion control industry. For over 30 years, BEI Sensors has and continues to strive to produce the best position sensing products for harsh environments while delivering the most exceptional customer service found anywhere.

BEI Sensors is now a brand of Sensata Technologies.

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