Trans-Tek, Inc.

Trans-Tek manufactures a broad line of Linear and Angular Displacement, and Linear Velocity Transducers.  The company also offers accessories necessary to create a fully functional system, including signal conditioning, digital readout, power supplies, extension rods and cable/connector assemblies.

Linear Displacement Transducers (LVDT type) are available in full-scale ranges from 0.010” to 60.0”, and in different physical configurations, meeting the needs of OEM and end user accounts. Angular Displacement Transducers (ADT) utilize capacitive technology to sense displacements of up to 300° with accuracy better than ±0.05% Full Scale. Linear Velocity Transducers (LVT) use the principles of induction and magnetics to provide a self-generated DC Voltage output proportional to instantaneous velocity.

An LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) is a transducer, which converts a linear motion to an electrical output.  An AC voltage is applied to the primary coil of the unit, generating an electromagnetic field.  The ferro-magnetic core links the magnetic field of the primary to the secondaries, inducing a voltage in each.  The difference between these signals is directly proportional to the displacement of the core relative to the coils.  Signal conditioning to operate with DC voltages can be used externally, or is found packaged inside the transducer as in our Series 200 and 240 DC-DC LVDTs.  Spring Loaded (Gaging) transducers are simply physical modifications of our standard LVDTs.


The ADT (Angular Displacement Transducer) is composed of a precision differential capacitor, oscillator/demodulator and filtering electronics, and a shaft (for turning the rotor).  The capacitor itself is comprised of two fixed plates, or stators, and a rotor.  The stators are powered with a high frequency AC voltage, generated by the oscillator.  As the rotor moves between the two plates, the capacitance between the rotor and each plate is measured, and differenced.  The resulting output voltage is proportional to the angular displacement of the shaft.  For ease of use, all the electronics necessary for converting a DC excitation voltage into a high frequency AC voltage, and converting the resultant AC voltage back into a DC output voltage are housed directly in the unit.

LVTs (Linear Velocity Transducers) provide a simple yet accurate means of measuring linear velocity.  They consist of high coercive-force permanent magnet cores, which induce sizable DC voltage while moving concentrically within shielded coils.  The basic design permits operation without external excitation while the generated output voltage varies directly with core (magnet) velocity.

Since its inception in 1967, Trans-Tek, Inc. has grown from a small startup to a multimillion dollar company with 25 employees, operating from a 14,000 sq. ft. facility. Most of this growth can be attributed to the flexibility to create new products for diverse applications.

A fully staffed engineering department, machine shop, and complete manufacturing facility located in Ellington, CT ensure that little of the production is subcontracted to outside vendors. Customers receive better control, faster lead times and higher product quality as a result.

Route 83, P.O. Box 338
Ellington, CT 06029
P: 860-872-8351 or 800-828-3964
F: 860-872-4211

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