Low Jitter Rotating Motor for High Accuracy Velocity Control


The DXH15 series rotating BLDC motors meet accuracy requirements for industrial scanning applications. The DXH15-10-000A supports inner rotational speed variations by maintaining a shaft run-out of +/- 0.010-in. This results in negligible jitter of less than +/-0.1%. The motor’s shaft run-out characteristics prevent the laser beam from rasterizing. The motor incorporates a proprietary Hall commutation circuit for exact switch points required by control electronics for rotor position sensing. The motor’s precision ball bearings and precision balanced rotor enable speed in excess of 11,000 rpms under continuous duty over the life of the system. The product measures 1.5-in. in outer diameter and 1.0-in. in axial length.

DXH15 series rotating BLDC motors

BEI Kimco

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