Maintenance-Free Pneumatics

ROTRON blowers agitate solutions, convey parts and products, perform vacuum hold-down and pick-up operations, dry and clean parts, and handle process and off gases. They generate clean, oil-free air by using one or two spinning, non-contact, oil-free impellers. What’s more, the blowers have fewer moving parts, which minimizes wear, tear, and downtime; and are an alternative to conventional, expensive, and high pressure over-sized compressors.

They can achieve flows to 1800 SCFM, pressures to 264 IWG, and vacuums to 13.4 in. Hg, depending on blower style.

ROTRON Blowers are suited for the medical, manufacturing, printing, conveying, packaging, environmental, and chemical processing industries. Other industries include instrumentation, power and energy, food and beverage, textile, air sampling, pharmaceutical, metalworking, and more.


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