Make serial devices network capable

Line of serial device servers and gateways deliver an easy and cost-effective way to connect control systems and field devices. This family of serial device servers and gateways support most common industrial protocols, with various combinations of HART, HART IP, Profinet, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, Raw/ASCII, and EtherNet/IP.

These serial device servers brings the serial devices into the world of Ethernet without disrupting the communication method. A gateway converts the protocol of one device to the protocol suitable for interoperability with another device or tool.

Variants are available with one, two, or four D-SUB 9 serial ports and one or two RJ45 Ethernet ports. Startup and configuration is simple using an embedded web server. To ensure secure communication, the devices include 256-bit AES encryption and optional authentication. The servers and gateways can operate between -40 to +70 C and have hazardous location approvals.

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