MBK provides stick to skin solutions for wearable devices: adhesives that adhere for 7 plus days

It’s no secret that the wearable market is rapidly expanding. Being at the forefront, MBK Tape Solutions has helped engineer “stick to skin” solutions for wearable devices in many different industries; anything from 3D holographic sunglasses to nicotine cessation patches, constant glucose monitoring devices (CGM) and even some operating room solutions.

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MBK has figured out how to engineer solutions that can stick to the skin for longer than 7 days. This is done by combining many flexible materials with the skin contact PSA’s along with adding perforations and slits to the PSA layer to make some extremely robust tape constructions that will last more than 7 days on many skin types.

MBK Tape Solutions has over 40 years of relationships and experience in the tape industry and works with medical tape manufactures to find reliable, long-term performance adhesive tape products. We take those products and make them more robust. Device manufacturers and medical professionals are looking for conformable adhesive tapes that can hold devices securely for long-term wear and can be removed from the skin gently, without causing skin trauma.

After testing various tape products, MBK has found several adhesive transfers, woven and non-woven tapes that meet the criteria. Their work with Medical Tape manufacturers combined with engineering expertise has given MBK an advantage in the wearable marketplace. They understand the working relationship between PSA’s and flexible materials. Additionally, MBK Tape designs and converts the materials (slit, perforate, die cut) to a customer’s specific needs.

MBK Tape Solutions

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