Measure Lengths from 2,000 mm up to 10,000 mm in Harsh Environments

ASM WB100M 300x300Harsh environments pose difficult restrictions on measurements, especially when considering the sensor’s ruggedness and life. ASM designed the WB100M tape sensor for highly resistance to shock and operation to IP68/69K in sea water. With the POSITAPE range, the stainless steel measurement tape will have at least double the life compared to that of a measurement cable under identical operating conditions.

Available in a range of measuring lengths from 2,000 mm up to 10,000 mm and a range of analog or digital outputs including CAN SAE J1939, the linearity of the WB100M is rated up to +/- 0.05% full scale.

For more information about ASM’s WB100M tape sensor, click here.

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