MetalliCard Metal Markers by Weidmuller

Weidmuller introduces new MetalliCard metal markers, offering an innovative customized labeling system to provide users with an in-house print capability on aluminum or stainless steel marker-plates which are ideal for push button and control panel identification.

Weidmuller’s MetalliCards provide an extremely versatile solution for labeling all around the electrical control cabinet: with just one printer, one software program and one type of ink. Users no longer need to hire an external agency for expensive and time-consuming engraving, as blank aluminum and stainless steel markers can be custom printed using Weidmuller’s PrintJet PRO printing equipment.

Weidmuller’s perfectly matched software (Mprint Pro) and printer (PJ Pro) enable users to act quickly and confidently. Within minutes a high-precision (1200DPI) color printed MetalliCard, featuring Weidmuller’s first-class quality and your custom design, is ready for use. The labeling system offers in-house control and an intuitive user interface for routine operations.


Weidmuller’s New MetalliCards markers for improved safety and versatility.

Weidmuller’s MetalliCard line offers a range of installation options including self-adhesive, riveted (2 or 4 holes), attached with plate holders, or in combination with stainless steel cable ties. A pre-punched SFX-M 11/60 marker enables fastening with steel cable ties, and double-sided adhesive labels in all MetalliCard formats guarantee a secure industrial grade attachment. Plate holders and tag rails, available in various sizes, provide you with excellent versatility when it comes to installation and ease of use. Push button holders can be used on 22mm push buttons from Siemens, ABB, Moeller and Télémécanique.

Weidmuller’s MetalliCards are ideal for industrial applications where external cabinet markers will be exposed to chemicals, oils, UV lighting, high-pressure wash-downs and a wide temperature range. Formats range in size from 1″ x .7″to 3.35″ x 2.10″: suitable for the entire spectrum of facility labeling requirements, from small equipment to larger ratings plates. You can be assured of a high-quality marking process using these tags.


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