Metric Size Washers Useful for Jig Construction from J.W. Winco


J.W. Winco, Inc. announced it now offers series GN 6341 and GN 6341-NI Washers in metric sizes.

J.W. Winco Series GN 6341 and GN 6341-NI Washers

These washers are used mainly in mechanical machine and jig construction when DIN 125, DIN 9021 and DIN 6340 washers do not meet the requirements of the application. GN 6341 washers are offered in two versions of turned steel: blackened finish, or zinc plated and blue passivated. GN 6341-NI washers are stainless steel with a matte shot-blast finish.

These RoHS compliant components are available in two types: with cylindrical bore or with bore for countersunk screw. Many diameters from 10 to 40 mm are included in the range, with bores from 4 to 12 mm.

J.W. Winco

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