Micro ICP pressure sensor

PCB’s new micro ICP Pressure Sensor, Model 132B38, is suited for wind tunnel applications that require very small test sensors and very high frequency response. This improved design features a centered sensing element which improves accuracy of time of arrival, targeting, sniper/projectile detection systems, and aerodynamic testing in high speed wind tunnels. Model 132B38 measures high frequency pressure phenomena and can resolve short wave length, dynamic pressure pulses.

This pressure sensor measures shock waves above 11 kHz and up to 1 MHz. With a measurement range of 50 psi and a resolution of 0.001 psi, it is sensitive enough to measure standing waves associated with boundary-layer transitions and the bow and stern of shock waves created by projectiles. The sensor features a stainless steel housing and a 10-foot integral cable that terminates in a 10-32 coaxial jack. This product is available for immediate shipment.

PCB Piezotronics Inc.


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