Minarik Drives and American Control Electronics Gain ISO Certification


Hegel Holdings, parent company for both the Minarik Drives & American Control Electronics brands, announced that they have earned ISO9001:2008 Certification for the design and manufacture of electronics control solutions for industrial and commercial applications. ISO 9001:2008 certification is granted to organizations that adhere to international standards for quality management that ensure the organization fulfills and achieves continual improvement of its performance in pursuit of the customers’ requirements, applicable regulatory requirements and enhancement of customer satisfaction.

Companies gain certification by implementing policies, procedures and systems that follow and meet ISO standards, which are audited and assessed by a third-party certification body. Certification is retained through ongoing compliance audits. ISO 9001:2008 is known worldwide as the standard denoting the highest of quality management processes. Hegel Holdings’ process control and testing capability has previously been recognized by Underwriter’s Labs by granting the organization the ability to self certify in U.L.’s behalf. The formal ISO certification reflects Hegel Holdings’ commitment to its rigorous quality management system, continuous process improvement, and delivery of the highest level of customer satisfaction.

“Everyone in international commerce knows that competition is becoming more global every day. At the same time, worldwide demand for US-manufactured product is as strong as it’s ever been. Obtaining this quality system certification will clearly help us validate our capabilities and our quality for customers everywhere. It will also help them understand the strength and commitment of our employees,” said Dan Schnabel, vice president and general manager.

Since relocating to Illinois from California in 2001, Minarik Drives, then a Division of Minarik Corporation, has always had a focus on quality. Steve Christophersen, Manufacturing Manager and leader of the ISO focus team said, ”We have always said that quality had to start with our people and be a culture that everyone participated in. Being ISO certified, is affirmation for our people, that their efforts have indeed yielded world class results.”

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