MindSphere—platform services for the IoT

For companies seeking to perfect their entire value chain from design, production planning, engineering and manufacturing to a full range of after-sale, maintenance and upgrade services, there’s MindSphere. This platform is part of the Digital Enterprise Software Suite, Siemens Cloud for Industry.

MindSphere is a platform as a service (PaaS) concept with a wide range of services for manufacturing companies on the path to Industry 4.0. It is an open operating system for IoT, allowing a custom platform for recording and analyzing large volumes of plantwide production data. A customer can integrate with Siemens or third-party providers for predictive maintenance services, energy data management and resource optimization development applications.

MindSphere interlinks physical products and production facilities with digital data, enabling the implementation of innovative solutions plus the ability to bring products onto the market faster and more efficiently.

It is based on an open infrastructure on SAP HANA and allows the creation of new digital services ongoing for the customer.

This data hosting platform combines device management, connectivity, all necessary data storage and the associated infrastructure, providing virtualized data management that can be deployed quickly.


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