Minnesota Rubber and Plastics Launches New Content Rich Website

minnesotarubber-new-websiteMinnesota Rubber and Plastics has announced the launch of its new website www.mnrubber.com

The new site is a valuable technology resource for design engineers needing sealing solutions, rubber-to-metal bonding in custom rubber and thermoplastic parts and assemblies. Designed in the latest responsive format, the site provides easy viewing and navigation on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Providing global solutions for a changing world, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics serves expanding markets with large scale capabilities and experience in virtually all major industries. The new site demonstrates Minnesota Rubber and Plastics design, molding and assembly abilities for important medical, pharma, transportation, power, water, food and beverage applications with in-depth case-studies for hundreds of applications.

The company’s proprietary material options that satisfy multiple certifications and market requirements are of high value to OEM’s selling products throughout the world. The new site details how Minnesota Rubber and Plastic’s global compliant material portfolio ensures customer part and assembly projects meet all major international regulations. For example, the portfolio includes FKM 515CG, Qmonix 558CH and NBR 536EG specially formulated for water and pharma markets. The new site details these certifications by material type and industry application.

A free 115-page design guide is available for request on the site which provides a better understanding processes, materials and technical considerations to improve product performance while achieving better control of costs. The DESIGN GUIDE is divided into seven easy to reference sections: (1) Designing Rubber Components, (2) Designing Plastic Components, (3) Elastomer Materials, (4) Plastic & Thermoplastic Elastomer Materials, (5) Standard Rubber Products Including Seals, (6) Glossary Of Terms, (7) The Company Behind The Parts.

With over 70 years of successful experience as a leading molder of rubber and plastics, www.mnrubber.com is a must destination for every “in-the-know” product designer.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics

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