Model Solution Supports Taser Prototype Design, Delivers High-quality Appearance Models

A winner of the 2017 Model One Awards, the Duo-Shock taser is a non-lethal self/home defense alternative with an advanced built-in camera that is designed to incapacitate an assailant without taking a life. Model Solution assisted the NC State University engineering student, Andrew Keel, by bringing his Duo-Shock taser design to life. Model Solution’s design team worked to verify the design for manufacturing and select more suitable materials and finishes. At the end of the process, Model Solution developed mock-ups and high-quality appearance models of the Duo-Shock, which was showcased at the 2017 IDSA conference in Atlanta.

The Model Solution team helped along every step of the design process, modifying the CAD file to reflect interior and exterior structural changes that would ensure manufacturability. The Model Solution team also suggested stronger plastic (polished acrylic) and aluminum materials for a more rugged and reliable end product. The team added a charging port on the Duo-Shock taser model at a location that would be hidden after the model was assembled.

Shaped like a traditional firearm for intuitive use, the Duo-Shock taser has a thumb print scanner safety on the back that allows the owner to quickly activate, but prevents misuse. The advanced taser also features an advanced camera that takes a picture of the assailant to provide video evidence of the event for any potential legal reasons. The ingenious Duo-Shock taser has ammunition that fires in a spread formation so that the assailant is hard to miss. Ammunition cartridges are quickly and easily reloaded, vital for a high-pressure situation.

Model Solution is also working with other consumer electronics companies to produce prototypes like Duo-Shock for the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in January.

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