New air spring product line for industrial applications

itt-air-springs-imageITT Inc. has announced that it is introducing a new Compact Automation and Turn-Act Air Springs product line that provides air actuation for linear motion control. These air-tight pneumatic actuators are a suitable solution for demanding industrial applications, including the pulp and paper, lumber mill and automotive assembly industries. ITT’s Air Springs can be overhauled in a matter of minutes in the field.

Acting as both an isolator and actuator, the Compact Automation and Turn-Act Air Springs reduce the harmful effects of vibration in typical linear and angular motion applications, including:

Actuators in lift and tilt tables for safe material handling
Actuators and vibration isolators in test equipment and motion simulators
Actuators for press equipment or part extraction.

ITT Air Springs offer a favorable stroke-to-compressed-height ratio and have the capacity to accept actuation media such as air, water, nitrogen or anti-freeze. These products can also isolate vibration and regulate load height, allowing for consistent vibration isolation under varying loads. With a long operating life expectancy, these Air Springs can effectively operate within small envelope constraints.

Compact Automation and Turn-Act offer a variety of Air Spring types to meet a variety of actuation or isolation needs including: the Single, Double and Triple Convolute Bellows, Rolling Lobe and Sleeve Types.



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