New brushless motor from Portescap delivers balance of speed, torque

Portescap has expanded their new Ultra EC range of brushless motors with the introduction of the 22ECP35 two pole brushless DC motor. As part of the Ultra EC platform of brushless slotless mini motion solutions, these motors offer 30% more continuous torque and 100% more power over similar comparative motors without compromising the smooth operation and long life required from a brushless DC motor.

The 22ECP35 brushless DC motor features Portescap’s patented Ultra coil technology, which provides unparalleled torque and power density, with limited core losses over a wide range of working speeds without friction & brush wear. The 22ECP35 can be adapted to most applications in the medical and industrial markets, enhancing the life and reliability of a device without compromising on power and machine throughput.

brushless dc motor

The new 22ECP35 is an ideal choice for applications such as battery operated power hand tools, and factory automation equipment including: electric grippers, humanoid robots, lab automation equipment, disposable medical tools, automation actuators, and for applications with constraints on length.

The 22ECP is available in 35, 45 and 60 mm length versions, with hall sensors and a total of four different coils to meet a variety of speed and voltage requirements. Upon request, Portescap can also provide options for customization including gearboxes, encoders, coil variations and mechanical interface modifications.

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