New low-voltage drive for North American market from ABB

The ACS580 all-compatible general-purpose, low-voltage drive for the North American market is the newest entry in ABB’s low-voltage AC drive portfolio. The ACS580 drive provides user-friendly, energy-efficient motor and process control, keeping user systems running smoothly while saving time and money over the product lifecycle. It’s designed to control pumps, fans, conveyors, mixers and many other variable and basic constant-torque applications. All units for the North American market will be made at the ABB facility in New Berlin,

The ACS580, which supports a variety of motor types, including high-efficiency permanent magnet motors, is part of ABB’s all-compatible drives portfolio, offering scalability without adding complexity. With all essential features built-in, the robust ACS580 is designed for reliability and ease of-use, and greatly simplifies drive selection, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

The wall-mounted drive is available in power ranges from 1 to 350 hp at 460 V, in both UL Type 1 and 12 enclosures. The UL Type 12 drive has a reduced footprint providing more mounting flexibility in harsh environments.

The Drive Composer PC tool simplifies the use of the drive, and the control panel’s primary settings menu and built-in assistants speed up commissioning, allowing basic set-up to be completed in minutes. The assistant control panel can be upgraded to an optional Bluetooth control panel to enable wireless commissioning and monitoring. The I/O menu displays how the electrical terminals are configured, and provides quick access to related terminal settings like filtering, scaling, delay or function selections.

The drive also provides reduced harmonics with built-in, second-generation swinging choke technology in a smaller and lighter design. Other features include EMC filter, brake chopper up to frame R3, Modbus RTU fieldbus interface and Safe Torque Off (STO).

ABB all-compatible drives share the same architecture. Once users have learned one all-compatible drive, they will be able to quickly integrate others, including larger drives, saving effort, training costs, energy and money with each installation.

The capability of the ACS580 can be extended with optional plug-in modules. A wide range of fieldbus adapters can easily be mounted inside the drive allowing connectivity to all the major industrial fieldbus protocols. The standard I/O can be extended by using optional analog and digital extension modules.

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