New Miniature IP68 Rated Data Recorder

The new SLICE IP68 data acquisition system is designed to capture physical signals in challenging environments. Targeted at applications with size or mass constraints, SLICE IP68’s 60 x 60 mm footprint makes it easy to embed in most test articles. The rugged housing is impervious to shock, water and dust, making SLICE ideal for testing in inclement weather or in environments that may cause condensation on the instrumentation.

SLICE features onboard signal conditioning, supporting a variety of external sensors including bridge and IEPE transducers for gathering critical measurements like acceleration, displacement, strain, pressure, temperature, voltage and more. Data direct-writes to 16 GB internal flash memory.


“SLICE IP68 goes well beyond the minimum rating requirements, so it’s ready to take a beating and still deliver the quality data customers expect,” points out Dan Chikami, DTS Product Manager.

SLICE IP68 is based on the proven performance and architecture of the popular SLICE NANO and MICRO from Diversified Technical Systems (DTS).  The 3-channel sensor input layers are stacked and configurable up to 24-channels.  Higher channel count systems are created by daisy-chaining SLICE stacks together. SLICE IP68 is ideal for off-road testing, vehicle ride and handling (cars, motorcycles, bicycles), heavy equipment, UAV and marine applications.



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