New Version of 3D Simulation Software


Simio Express is 3D object-based modeling and animation product. It is the lastest addition to the Simio product family of simulation software, which includes the Simio Design and Team editions.

Simio Express uses the Simio Standard Object Library so you can model in 3D.

Simio Express lets you construct your 3D model in a single step from a top-down 2D view, and then switch to a 3D view of your system. Drag and drop your 3D objects from the Standard Object Library into your facility view of the model. You can see your system from any camera angle, make the camera follow a specific entity in the system, or place the camera on a moving entity for an inside 3D view of the model. The software also integrates directly with Google Warehouse to allow you to quickly download from a large library of freely available 3D symbols to add realism to your models. The product can run models built with Simio Design/Team Editions, including models that incorporate add-on process logic or custom object libraries.

The software allows you to modify the logic of your objects using add-on process logic.


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