NUTEC METROSTAGE 100 is a Solid Top or Open Frame Precision XY Compound Table

The METROSTAGE-100 is a XY precision linear stage with a travel range of 100 x 100 mm. It features a three-tier construction, which has been designed for minimum distortion and highest precision stage geometry. Stiffness and stability have been maximized to achieve the highest stability and structural integrity. The backlash-free preloaded guide system achieves smooth, low-friction, precision motion for highly accurate positioning and trouble free long-term performance.

The METROSTAGE-100 has the capability of supporting a solid top or open frame design. With a stage height of 63 mm, it offers low-profile capability. Driven by a recirculating ball screw with a 1 mm lead, this stage achieves high accuracy and a maximum speed of 250 mm/s. Featuring a 50 nanometer non-contact linear encoder, the MS-100 has high trajectory control in its linear movements. This XY table has superior levels of orthogonality at 10 arc-seconds on the standard model and 5 to 3 arc-seconds on the high precision model. This unit is built for long life and high duty cycles with applications for semiconductor assembly, optical metrology, testing, and laser fabrication. The MS-100 is clean room compatible and available in a vacuum compatible option.

The METROSTAGE is well-suited for most XY motion platform applications. It can be customized to utilize manual turn knobs, to have increased precision over conventional microscope stages. Additional applications include video inspection, micro-machining, high-speed fabrication, inspection, and additive manufacturing. Structures are high-strength aluminum alloys, and all surfaces are precision machined and hard coat anodized. The MS-100 is optimized when driven by our MICROMATIC-9 digital servo control. Their combination provides closed-loop motion to achieve maximum positioning performance with the best accuracy, repeatability, and fastest settling times.



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