NVBOTS expands focus on 3D printing for incubator spaces

New Valence Robotics (NVBOTS), the provider of Built to Share automated 3D printing solutions, announced it is expanding its lead in supplying 3D printing capability to incubator spaces.

NVBOTS is increasing its focus on enabling incubator spaces to feature 3D printing capabilities to their residents because of the unique sharing capabilities of the NVPro. Shared workspaces and incubators, by their very nature, have the “plight of the commons” problem. Most current 3D printers available today require significant manual labor to manage the printer from beginning to end of the process.

The NVPro

The NVPro, with is automated part ejection capability, combined with the NVCloud software interface, allows multiple users to submit print jobs and track the progress of their submitted jobs. Since no user has to wait for another user to extract their finished print job, nor prepare the printer for the next print job, it is a natural fit for an environment where multiple people need to print but do not operate under the same company or central authority. The added feature of being able to submit print jobs from any Internet-enabled device further enhances the benefit to an incubator space.

“The NVPro has been a great asset in our shared lab space,” said Thomas Ryden, MassRobotics Executive Director. “In particular, the NVCloud interface, allowing multiple users to work with the printer from anywhere in the lab space and to queue up print jobs gives our residents great flexibility in working on their 3D printing efforts. It is a great fit for a multi-user environment like ours.”

“We are excited to help residents of shared workspaces and incubators leverage 3D printing for their growing businesses,” said Chris Haid, General Manager and Co-founder of NVBOTS. “We are proud that our solution is so uniquely capable of empowering these entrepreneurs to leverage additive manufacturing capabilities to help develop their business.”



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