One-part Epoxy With High Tensile Strength


EP15 compound epoxy is for testing the adhesion or cohesion strength of flame sprayed coatings per the ASTM C633 specification. It bonds to many similar and dissimilar substrates such as metals and ceramics. The product has a tensile strength that exceeds 12,000 psi at room temperature, offers dimensional stability with minimal shrinkage upon cure, and is serviceable from -60° F to 250° F. It has chemical resistance properties and withstands thermal cycling. EP15 features an unlimited working life and does not require any mixing prior to use. It offers good flow properties with a viscosity of 40,000-65,000 cps and can be applied with a brush, paint roller, or spatula. It cures in 60-90 min at 300° F to 350° F.

EP15 Compound Epoxy

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