Overview of Standard Precision Positioning Stage Uses in Factory Automation

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Overview of Standard Precision Positioning Stage Uses in Factory AutomationMISUMI’s family of Standard Precision Positioning Stages are designed to meet a wide and diverse range of positioning application requirements. When compared with conventional high precision positioning stages, either purchased or produced in-house, the Standard Precision Positioning Stages offer excellent value – delivering a cost savings of 20 to 45 percent. Now with 22 different styles available, users can select from among a broad range of products, depending on specific application requirements. All styles ship in three days.

Standard Precsision Stages are used in various applications:

– Fine adjustment is needed but high precision is not required

– Frequent adjustment is required (high-mix, low-volume assembly)

– Guaranteed precision repeatability

– Time adjustment reduction is required

– Adjustments with reliable precision

– Adjustments easity performed without extensive personnel training

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