Power Magnetics Catalog Includes Reference Designs

LDO Chip_outlinePremier Magnetics, global producer of high-quality magnetic components for switch-mode power supplies, DC-DC converters and data communications applications, announces the availability of its new 87-page catalog providing details of the company’s extensive line of transformers, inductors and chokes designed specifically for switch-mode power supply applications. Also included are reference designs utilizing Premier Magnetics’ devices in power conversion circuits based on power management ICs from Power Integrations, Texas Instruments and others.

A critical aspect of any power supply design is the selection of the magnetic components to meet the specific circuit parameters, including current rating, leakage inductance, dc resistance, saturation and winding capacitance. In many instances, magnetic components are tailored for applications with specific power management ICs to simplify and speed the design process. The new Premier Magnetics catalog incudes details of products optimized for use with Power Integrations’ TopSwitch, LYTSwitch, TinySwitch, LinkSwitch, and InnoSwitch ICs as well as Texas Instruments’ Fly-Buck controllers.

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