Protocol stack improves data model handling

axirosAxiros, a leader in device management and IoT solutions for service providers, enterprises, and OEMs, today announced that it has further evolved its AXACT TR-069 protocol stack with the release of the third generation of the product. AXACT 3.0 improves in-memory implementation of the data model enabling better performance and vastly increasing flexibility, paving the way for future extensions, IoT and full modularity.

AXACT 3.0’s data model structure has been extended with new features including:

  • Easy combination of multiple data models
  • UDP lightweight notification support
  • Overlaying data models with different data mapping functions per parameter
  • Dynamic enabling/disabling of parts of the data model and components providing their own part of the data model
  • Programmatic modifications of the data model
  • Data model introspection
  • One of the most important features of AXACT 3.0 is that existing customers can upgrade with minimal effort as Axiros has kept the actual existing data mapping intact.

The enhanced features of AXACT allow this TR-069 stack to be used to provide business benefits in environments and for industry use cases which until now were not fully exploited, including enterprise and IoT devices. This is a major advantage for service providers who can now include all of their connected customers and services under a single uniform management umbrella.

In fact, Axiros has many current and new customers using AXACT already, including OEMs and service providers who stipulate the usage of a stable, reliable and capable stack from which to build their CPE platform.

Axiros has been making waves in the device management, M2M and IoT space this past year. It was recently recognized as one of five global 2015 Cool Vendors in IoT by Gartner, one of Gartner’sTop 10 IoT Technologies for 2017 and 2018, CIOReview chose Axiros as one of its 20 Most Promising M2M Solution Suppliers, and Axiros was shortlisted for the Broadband World Forum 2015 Awards for The Most Innovative Internet of Things Solution Award.


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