QA1 Dampers for Commercial & Industrial OE Markets

QA1QA1 manufactures a wide variety of dampers and struts for the commercial and industrial OE markets. Applications include exercise equipment, commercial lawn and garden, neighborhood electric vehicles, commercial utility vehicles, and a wide variety of industrial applications.

QA1 manufactures numerous styles of shock absorbers, including both twin-tube and monotube, in a variety of sizes, mounting configurations and compression rates. This extensive product offering enables QA1’s customers the ability to select the ideal product for their specific application.

QA1 provides engineering assistance to the OE market with engineers who specialize in suspension design, and will assist you in determining the damping characteristics needed for your application. All that is needed to start your development program is the installed lengths compressed and extended for your application and the type of damper mounting for installation. We will provide you with test sample kits that are field tunable and provide for the adjustment of both compression and rebound rates simply by turning knobs. You install the damper on your device, tune the adjustments to your dampening requirement, and return the tuned damper to QA1 for evaluation. We can then duplicate your developed force requirements in an inexpensive, steel bodied damper, specific to your individual application for quantity production requirements.


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