Reliably attach printed circuit boards

These ReelFast surface mount fasteners have a variety of attachment options for printed circuit board applications. Depending on type, the fasteners can be specified to mount, stack, or space boards; attach components to boards; create right-angle attachment points on boards; or enable repeated access without requiring loose screws.

Penn Engineering

All types are supplied on tape and reel compatible with existing SMT automated installation equipment and install permanently where designed in the same manner and at the same time as other surface mount components prior to the automated reflow solder process. Where necessary, a polyimide patch affixed to the end of the fasteners allows for vacuum pickup. These fasteners reduce board damage and scrap due to improper secondary installation operations by offline equipment.

The line includes Type SMTSO steel nuts and spacers/standoffs and Type SMTSOB brass versions with or without threads for board mounting, stacking, or spacing applications; Type SMTRA fasteners introducing re-usable threads at right angles to boards for mounting board to chassis, chassis to board, or component to board; Type SMTPFLSM all-metal, spring-loaded captive panel screws; and Type PSHP captive panel screws with color plastic caps for subsequent access to assemblies without the use of loose screws or the risk of compromising thread integrity over time.

They are available in a range of unified or metric thread sizes and lengths.


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